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The generous support of donors, sponsors, and members make it possible for us to share the experiences and the stories of aviation and space flight – from the Wright Flyer to the one-of-a-kind Flying Pancake; the Apollo VII spacecraft, 20 historical galleries, and over 35,000 artifacts; the Living History program and our acclaimed STEM education program.

The FOFM is the perfect place to explore the history and progress of aviation as mankind continues to pursue going higher, faster and farther.

As a 501c3 nonprofit we depend on visitor-generated revenue from our gift shop, birthday parties, camps, facility and event hosting, and admissions – along with community donations from grants, memberships and individuals to sustain our operations all year around. Your support allows us to:

  • Inspire future generations through compelling exhibitions that engage, educate, and inspire over 150,000 annual visitors.
  • Provide access to free programs all year round, where community collaboration highlights living aviation and space pioneers from diverse backgrounds and cultures.
  • Motivate young people (and especially girls) to learn through hands-on, multi-exposure Aerospace STEM programs to consider aviation and space exploration as viable careers.
  • Preserve historic aviation treasures and space artifacts to delight and inspire joy and wonder.
  • Tell the trusted stories of flight as the premier aviation and space history repository in North Texas.
  • Bring people together from 49 different countries to use the power of Aerospace to improve society.

Become a Member

FOFM members enjoy perks out of this world!

Support the Jan Collmer Education Fund

In loving memory of our co-founder Jan Collmer to support our extensive education programs.

Support our Aerospace-STEM Initiative

Help us offer programs at no cost to Title I schools.

Join the “Spirit of Dallas Ambassadors Club”

Join our premium membership group of donors that honors our city's aviation legacy.

Participate in our events!

There's always something fun going on at the FOFM - your support helps make these events possible.

Adopt A Plane

Adopt a plane or spacecraft for a full year with a tax-deductible gift.

Corporate Sponsorships

Civic-minded corporations sponsor exhibits, events, and educational programs.

Attend our Annual Luncheon

Attend our "Women Take Flight" luncheon on October 1, 2024. More info coming soon!